Climatec Eastern Europe Kft.

 Official service representative of Espec climatic chambers and ETS Solutions shakers for Eastern Europe

Our service team can provide installation, training, warranty and post warranty equipment repairs

Repairing service

Compressor repair, renovation


Calibration of Espec and ETS Solutions and other manufacturers equipment, DAKKS calibration incorporated with ThermoTec

Rental equipments

(mainly climatic chambers)

About us

 Climatec Eastern Europe Kft.

We are a newly established -but with 10 years of experience on the field- company, to provide you with solutions for material lifetime testing and inspection.

Our highly trained and experienced staff can support you not just in choosing the right equipment for your testing needs but also providing help in your application.

Our area of expertise is product and material testing in different environmental circumstances: high and

low temperature, humidity, sunlight simulation, corrosion testing, different media shock tests, vibration, noise measurement, stability and light stability testing and inspection


Brands represented

Climatec Eastern Europe Kft.

H-6200 Kiskőrös, Dózsa Gy. str 52.- Hungary